The Link Between Used Sunflower Oil and Biodiesel

download (73)Biodiesel is still a relatively new concept to most people. Although research on this subject has been going on for quite a number of years, not much has been promoted to the general public as to how it is made and how it works. Generally, it is accepted that biodiesel is a natural form of fuel, but what is it that makes it a natural fuel source?

There is a direct link between oil made from sunflower seeds and biodiesel. Bottled sunflower oil is used daily in the food industry and in most households. What many people don’t realise is that restaurants and cafes use many litres of sunflower oil daily and due to legal restrictions in health and safety, they have to dispose of all used oil in a responsible manner. The oil cannot just be dunked down the drain as this will cause the drain to get clogged. And it is not advised to dispose of it over plants as this could poison the plants and the soil which can make it a harmful environment for people

Top Tips for Fuel Efficient Driving

download (72)Today, people need more fuel efficient vehicles. The automobile industry is booming, petrol prices are steadily hiking, and global warming is taking a turn for the worst- as a consumer with multiple choices and responsibilities to keep in mind while driving, here are our top tips for fuel efficient driving.

· The way you drive can make the biggest difference to how much fuel you save or waste. Remember, its a car, not a battering ram, so don’t hit the brakes on your vehicle with force. Stopping and starting time and again eat away at your fuel in an enormous capacity. Aim for smooth and steady drives.

· If your vehicle uses a manual gearbox, try to shift into the highest gear as early as possible for maximal fuel efficiency. Driving in a lower gear than necessary consumes fuel more quickly, as a rule. Power options tend to ease the car into lower gears, so evade them as far as possible.

· Your money’s turning into thin air! Avoid fuel evaporation by screwing the gas cap onto your car very securely after

Is Biodiesel Fuel Part of Our Future

images (25)With our depleting oil resources becoming more of a reality due to our heavy consumption of fuel in our vehicles and the growing number of vehicles in the world, we are searching for other methods of refuelling our cars. There are different energy sources that are being researched such as the use of electricity to replace fuel in our cars and biodiesel which is made of used sunflower oil.

What does the future hold for us? We use our fuel resources so often that the planet cannot keep up with our increasing demand. Electricity is good fuel resource but it is also one that is depleting so much that we have to find other methods of generating electricity. Electricity generating methods include that of hydro energy and solar power. Both are great natural resources that are constantly available. Biodiesel is the other fuel resource that is already being used in certain vehicles as an alternative to diesel fuel. Biodiesel fuel is produced after much used sunflower oil is collected from various restaurants, cafés and households. The sunflower oil is

How to Recondition Batteries So They Can Be Re-Used?

images (24)First a word of caution. Batteries are filled with different type of chemicals. So, before you embark on reconditioning them learn to handle them with care. Modern batteries are much more environment friendly than they were a few decades ago, still they contain several dangerous and corrosive elements. If you hurt yourself or spill the mix on your skin, seek medical help immediately. Wear protective goggles, eyewear and clothing when handling this stuff.

Our homes are littered with devices and gadgets that run on batteries. Take a look inside your mobile phone or laptop or tablet or camera. They all have a battery pack that needs to be charged periodically to keep the devices running. Over time the batteries get weaker and run out. People mistakenly think that their chargers are to blame and buy replacement chargers. The problem is most likely with the old batteries. Due to repeated use their capacity to recharge goes down and eventually they are hardly able to hold charge. This makes it very inconvenient as mobile phones and tablets needs frequent charging to work.


How Used Cars Can Be Greener Than Hybrids

images (22)Used Vehicles and the Environment

There is perhaps no greater symbol for man’s relationship with the environment than that of the oilrig. The fact is, Americans are addicted to oil, along with the rest of the world. We use it for heating, energy, transportation, plastic, and a host of other necessities that make up nearly every part of modern life. So why would used cars be an environmental boon?


Many people look at the environmental crisis and are driven to buy a hybrid. These autos require less gasoline to operate because they also utilize electric batteries. However, most of them take an enormous amount of energy to build – on some estimates, in the neighborhood of one hundred million BTUs of energy, about the same as one thousand gallons of gasoline. That means that every new hybrid on the market has already driven the equivalent of nearly 50,000 miles or more, when you compare BTU usage.

Additionally, hybrids cause some serious problems when it comes to emissions. These vehicles run off of two engines, which raises production costs through the roof in

The Role of FGS-Double Wall Pipe in Meeting International Maritime Air Pollution Standards

download (69)The International Maritime Organization first created the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) in 1973. Since its introduction a number of modifications, improvements, and enhancements have been implemented. This has resulted in a variety of new technologies being implemented across all types of ships. One such technology is the FGS (Fuel Gas System) – double wall pipe.

Applicable International Maritime Organization Air Pollution Rules

The most recent is Annex VI Prevent of Air Pollution from Ships which entered into force in 2005. This particular regulation set limits on sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide emissions from ship exhausts. It also prohibits the deliberate omission of ozone-depleting substances. Designated emission control areas were also created to enforce more stringent standards for a variety of particulate matter. In 2011 the IMO adopted new groundbreaking mandatory technical and operational energy efficiency measures which will further reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from ships.

How Have These Rules Affected Ships?

Under the revised MARPOL Annex VI the global sulfur cap was reduced to 3.5% effective 2012. The goal is to progressively decrease the

Q: Name of the Alligator That Swallows Your Money? A: THE GAS PUMP

images (23)Well, somebody is doing something about it. Pepsi saves an average of 3.3 million Dollars on gasoline costs every year. So, my congratulations go to Pepsi for saving 15% fuel, using HHO Technology on their vehicles. They installed HHO converter kits on their fleet of over 200 trucks that drive an average of 200.000 miles per year. By doing that, this fortune 500 company reduces emissions helping to keep air clean at the same time.

The good news is that you can do what Pepsi is doing. You can now install an HHO kit (extracts hydrogen from water) on your own vehicle and save between 15 and 60% cash on fuel. Depending on how well tuned your car is.

The truth is that the use of hydrogen as a fuel for engines in transportation vehicles is nothing new. Indeed, there is a way to permanently save money at the pump. The solution is very simple, economical and environmentally friendly. Just install a hydrogen converter kit on your automobile or truck. Hydrogen generators (extract hydrogen from water) have been used to power

Biodiesel and Sunflower Oil: What Do They Have In Common?

download (71)I’m sure during some conversation with your peers; you’ve had a discussion about biodiesel and what it is. You’ve probably also wondered what it is made of and how it is produced. And, if you really can use it in the car that you drive?

Biodiesel has been in the making for quite some number of years. So much research has been conducted and much trial and error has gone into making it. Due the dwindling resource that we use daily namely petrol and diesel, we have had to look to other sources for fuel. Not to mention the high costs of petrol and diesel nowadays.

How are we supposed to keep going if the fuel costs just keep increasing?

I remember back in the day when it took me only R300 to fill my tank of petrol, now it’s double that and it barely lasts me two weeks. So it’s quite a relief that biodiesel has advanced to the point where we could use it in our own cars and trucks. Remember, though that it is biodiesel so you can

Five Ways to Pass the Time at Electric Car Charging Stations

download (70)Electric car charging stations are an exciting invention of the modern era. The transition away from traditional fuels, like gasoline, towards electricity is reducing the emissions of fossil fuels and is generally cheaper for the consumer in the long run. This transition is both easy on the environment and our wallets, but if you have an electric car and need to charge up either on a road trip or at home, you might become frustrated with waiting. Change your perspective and use what you may refer to as wasted time, to enhance a part of your life.

Challenge Your Mind

Puzzles are a great stimulant for the mind. They can help with memory and stimulate you in a way that television can’t. Instead of watching videos or a movie on your phone, bring along a book of crossword or Sudoku puzzles. You’ll likely find them to be slightly addicting and may even notice an improvement in your cognitive abilities in day-to-day tasks and memory.

Learn a New Language

Many people wish they could conquer a new language, but feel they don’t have the

Demand For Electric Vehicle Chargers Is Rising

download (68)Imagine the money savings if you never had to fill up your gas tank again. This is one of the prime advantages of an electric vehicle. However, this great convenience comes with two major drawbacks: an inability to travel long distances and long charging times. Even though public stations refill your battery at a much quicker rate than those designed for private use, many people find installing electric vehicle chargers at home and plugging in overnight is more convenient. Although a majority of rechargeable car owners will charge at their homes, public charging stations can actually increase a car’s daily travel range by allowing drivers to power up during working hours. In order for fleet drivers and consumers to effectively charge in public, these facilities must be integrated and consider the typical driving habits of daily commuters.

To bolster the EV market, workplaces and public destinations will need to implement electric vehicle chargers. Recently, a proposal was filed in California to build 25,000 of these service areas across northern and central California. Residential customers would only pay 70 cents per

Used Car Dealers Help You Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

download (67)It’s finally happened: being “green” has actually become the trendy and cool thing to do! While this is great news for the environment, it also means we all need to get clear on how to actually do it. As it turns out, there is no small amount of confusion when it comes to things like what kind of vehicle is the most environmentally friendly option. Maybe you’ve even asked yourself this question: is it better to stop in to see your local used car dealers or to buy some fancy new “green” machine?

Manufacturing Versus Recycling

Most people nowadays have become accustomed to recycling things like glass, paper, and plastic. It makes sense, after all, to re-use such things rather than send them to landfill while still creating yet more of the same waste products all over again. Well, the same is true for vehicles. Think of everything that goes into fabricating a new auto and of all the materials required – the metal, plastic, electrical circuitry, and more – and the difficulty of disposing of all of that in a

Are Electric Car Sales High for Every Car Dealer

download (66)As more and more Americans are choosing to go green than ever before, it seemed there was equal enthusiasm surrounding all-electric vehicles. Impressively, fully electric car sales spiked by 58% in 2014. Despite this bump in overall sales, the all-electric segment is still incredibly small. Even more, while EV sales saw a surge, green vehicles (diesel and hybrids) as a whole fell a total 6.5% in 2014. What exactly is holding back sales from living up to predictions?

Gas Prices

Any car dealer will tell you that they are not throwing in the towel on increasing EV sales just yet, but are perhaps taking a long-term approach towards their strategies. As the price of gasoline dropped, many consumers chose to purchase larger, less-efficient models. With dramatic drops in gasoline prices falling below $3, interest in lower-mile-per-gallon vehicles picks up. Luckily for these vehicles, cheap gas will not be around forever.

Lack of Familiarity

Researchers from Indiana University and the University of Kansas conducted a survey asking basic factual questions surrounding plug-in vehicles. One of the most exhaustive surveys on consumer perceptions of electric

Ultima Evolution Supercar: Hideous Looks But Incredibly Fast

download (62)In the middle of the car addicts there is a common expression used to reveal the passion for automobiles, that reads something like “the difference between adults and children is the size of their toys.” This is specifically right when you get acquainted with the vehicles like the Ultima Evolution supercar.

This Ultima Evolution supercar is part of a markedly promoted niche market in England, so-called “Kit Cars”, which are in essence cars that you are able to ride in your garage if you have the perfect equipment and if you follow the instructions consciously. Obviously, if you are not able to manage much or simply are not interested in riding, you can buy the cars already amassed.

It’s like those ductile designing kits or even LEGO, with the distinction that, if you ever rode a cart or a ship before, you have the chance to drive in the carport of his house a car that is probably as speedy as a Bugatti Veyron – but paying a much lower cost.

Various brands like Caterham, Ariel and several others are specifically famous

Why Is The World Opting For Automatic Transmission?

download (64)Customers throughout the world are increasingly choosing to buy vehicles with automatic transmission, compared to those with manual transmissions. Gone are the days, when customers had to extensively learn the art of manually maneuvering automobiles. The revolution brought about by automatic transmission is simply immense. Not only has it allowed vehicle makers from removing the clutch pedal from passenger cars, but it has also enabled thousand of automated factory vehicles to operate seamlessly. There is little doubt that transmission parts have provided solutions that were unimaginable only a couple of decades ago.

Learning and operating vehicles made easier

Driving vehicles in the past required one to learn the skill for several hours. Even when learning, the difficulty in using clutch and levers in situations like heavy traffic was never an easy task. However, this has allowed the learning process to become easier and driving much simpler. Although parts have been in existence for several years, the latest technological innovations have made modern automobiles much simpler and safer for use.

Automatic transmission parts rapidly becoming affordable

Up until the recent past, using or replacing

The Benefits of the Maintenance-Free VRLA Battery

images (21)The uses of larger batteries are on the rise, with the demand for a backup power for several devices increasing. Irrespective of whether there is a connection to a reliable electricity grid or not, there are certain sectors where constant electricity availability is absolutely crucial and the risks emerging from unscheduled power outage is immense. Although, the use of the conventional lead acid battery is popular, the maintenance of the same has to be regular without which the decline of its performance is rapid. Thus, several industries are increasingly making use of the non-maintenance VRLA battery.

Low maintenance and long lasting

The battery is specially designed to be used for a long time without the need for constant maintenance. For a backup power system VRLA battery is among the most feasible option as it ensures that a battery doesn’t need to be changed or serviced regularly. Such batteries can last for several months or even years without any supervision.

Reliability unparalleled

This battery has low self-discharge features because of which it can reliably provide backup for several hours. It’s internally built cyclic and

Electric Versus Traditional Car Engines

download (65)According to the EPA, a majority of greenhouse gas emissions come from cars and trucks. In past years, gas from transportation is the second largest contributor. The United States’ average commute is roughly 20 miles which translates to a 0.01 metric ton of carbon dioxide emitted for just one trip. Though seemingly small, this adds up fast throughout the year as everyone commutes. Out of all transportation, about 1,750,000 metric tons is emitted in a year. This statistic only includes the United States and is a dangerously high number.

The consequences of all the air pollutants does not come at no risk. The large amount of carbon dioxide emitted every year is what experts believe is the cause of global warming. The warming can endanger our health and can cause extreme weather such as higher sea levels due to flooding and droughts. Because oil is a non-renewable resource, it will only become more difficult to obtain, which will make the burning of gasoline even worse.

With all the seemingly negative effects of traditional car engines, there are some positives. Engines that

What to Consider When in Need of a New Marine Engine

images (20)What factors need to be considered before making a final decision on which engine to use? Let’s take a look at some of the major considerations that will have to be made when purchasing a new marine engine.

How Much Horsepower?

How much horsepower you wish to have from your marine engine will usually depend on a number of factors. How many propellers there are on the ship, the type of propellers and the size of the propellers will all have a bearing on how much horsepower is required. Additionally, the fuel weight capacity of the ship will go a long way to determining how much horsepower a ship will be able to have.

The Weight of the Engine

In larger ships the weight of a marine engine will not really come into play but on smaller ships it will matter because heavier engines will no doubt slow a ship down. The power to weight ratio therefore becomes a bit of a dilemma when deciding which engine to fit.

The Size of the Engine

The size of a marine engine also has to be considered

Chevy Bolt Unveiled

download (61)Chevrolet unveiled a super cool version of the Chevy Bolt EV at the Consumers Electronic show this year, and from all looks, it promises to be a great little option for the green crowd and the car sharing crowd that is growing in popularity in several cities around the world.

The new Bolt will create excitement in the electric vehicle world with its many new and different features it will bring with it, starting with its 200 mile per charge range. No more worrying about weekend trips and whether or not you are close enough to an outlet to avoid getting stranded. Most people will be able to drive 3-5 days on a single charge.

The next bit of good news is the price. Chevy will offer the Bolt to consumers for less than $30,000 once all government rebates are factored into the price. This alone will make the Bolt appealing to a much broader audience than previous EV’s that have been out there.

Another new feature is a rear view camera that actually looks like the old rear view mirror. There

Eco-Friendly Automotive Tips for Going Green

download (63)If we could get everyone on board to work toward a cleaner, more efficient means of living, the world would be a much better place, and for a lot longer too. With the new movement in eco-friendly practices, we now have access to green cleaning products, eco-friendly appliances, homes, vehicles, and more. So there are several facets of life and living that can easily be improved in terms of leading a greener lifestyle! And one fantastic and very necessary place to start is your car. Continue reading to learn some helpful automotive tips for an eco-friendlier way of life.

Drive Less

Vehicles are imperative assets in our lives. They get us to work, school, and more when the time calls. But there are several opportunities to forgo driving, and choose to walk or ride a bike instead. You can even choose to carpool with coworkers or friends to drive less. If you do this at least once per week, you are making a positive impact on the environment.

Keep Your Car as Long as Possible

It’s tempting to trade in your vehicle for

Transportation and Being Environmentally Friendly – Where Is This Development Going?

images (19)In today`s easy ways of transportation, consumers have an enormous amount of choices when it comes to vehicles. The focus has shifted from just getting from point A to point B to a more environmental mindset to help preserve the world. This mindset has narrowed the choices to mostly bus and train transit. For the people driving themselves, the choices are around electric cars, but some drivers need more power and choose something in the middle; the hybrid that can also be plugged in. This is what this article is all about; the differences in cars and what people need in cars and transportation these days when being environmental friendly is supposed to occupy human brains. Some might say this new trend of cars might go away as some people swear to traditional gasoline driven cars, but societies globally are trying out new ways to shift mindsets in a greener direction.

So what is the difference between an EV (electric vehicle) and a hybrid? The difference is fuel. Electric cars do not need any fuel to run. Neither does hybrids,